Tohoku University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

International Civil and Environmental Engineering Course (I-CEEC)
Graduate Course (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)


I-CEEC’s Cutting-edge Research

The International Civil and Environmental Engineering Course (I-CEEC) is engineering degree program organized by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering. The I-CEEC is aiming at enthusiastic global-minded international students who aspire to assume key international leadership roles in the future. Students will have the opportunity to learn fundamental and cutting-edge knowledge through the study and research on water environmental engineering and science, disaster sciences, human-social information sciences, infrastructure planning, engineering materials and mechanics, etc.

Laboratories List

The details of research activities can be found in web pages of departments and laboratories at:

I-CEEC Study and Career Path

Students can enroll in the I-CEEC master’s or doctoral program. As the master’s program directly connects to the doctoral program in I-CEEC, students have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research throughout both graduate programs.

Tuition and Fees

Examination Fee
JPY 30,000
Entrance Fee JPY 282,000
Tuition per Year
(Paid in 2 Semesters)
JPY 535,800
(JPY 267,900 x 2)